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My Story

DrRoy Selfie in the clinic as I talk about my story.

My about us story begins when I was very young (3ish). I was a sleep walker and would visit my parents shortly after bedtime. Everything was fine, my mom would give me a snack and send me back to bed. Until one night my parents heard the front door open and close. When they went to check on it, they discovered that I “had left the building” and was toddling down the sidewalk. One of my dad’s friends from high school had become a chiropractor in our town and he suggested getting me adjusted.

I became a chiropractic patient at age 3 and I never had an incident of sleep walking again. The analysis of my spine showed that I had some pretty significant spinal issues so ongoing care was warranted. I saw that same doctor through the end of high school and occasionally into college. I believe the treatment really changed the trajectory of my life.

About Us: Why we do what we do

Really, chiropractors do this because we believe that everyone, regardless of age, social status, previous health conditions and insurance has the potential for greatness. Everyone who we see should be able to express the life force within them to the fullest potential. That life force, a God given energy, should be flowing through your body at the highest potential that it can have. Anything less is unacceptable.

We feel loss when patients discontinue treatment early and don’t get to experience their full potential. We mourn for those people who don’t even know what it’s like to have a full expression of their spirit. It’s difficult seeing people all around us who have such a low level of function and don’t seem to care. Like an artist painting a picture and settling for “good enough.” Or like watching your kid give 50% effort when you know that he/she can do so much better. It’s like watching people die a little every day because they aren’t living. What we do is important and it’s sad to see people less than fully alive.

A Little Anatomy Lesson

An image of the brain outlined in silver with light areas inside representing activity.
Photo by Alina Grubnyak 

The Brain is the master power source for the entire body. Without a connection to the brain, the body quickly dies. When the brain has an impaired connection with the cord, the body starts to malfunction. The spinal cord is the high speed connection between the brain and the rest of the body. If the spinal cord doesn’t work right, the whole nervous system gets wonky.

For a very good, detailed experience in researching basic nervous system functions use the following link. Neuroscience for Kids. It’s a site for kids, but it gives great detail in a very understandable format.

The assaults of the world prevent us from fully expressing our innate health potential. Chiropractic works with that “God given” ability to heal as it promotes natural wellness, vitality, and wholeness. Chiropractors adjust subluxations, this relieves nerve interference and allows the brain to communicate with all functions of the body, creating a state of health.

Blue neon spine with pink lumbar vertebrae representing problem areas

God has given us the ability to be healthy, all the time.

Divisions of the Nervous System

Some nerves originate in the brain and send messages through the spinal cord out to the body. Other nerves originate in the body and send messages back through the spinal cord to the brain. When spinal structures are misaligned in any way, nerves change their behavior. A nerve transmits a signal down its length by the exchange of ions across the membrane of a nerve through the fluid surrounding and within the nerve. Without fluid the ions won’t be present to conduct the signal, effectively stopping the signal from reaching its target tissue.

By adjusting the spine, working with muscles and soft tissues around the spine, stretching and strengthening the support structures, we are able to restore a more normalized nerve function through the area of impingement.

About Us: The Result

When we restore nerve function, your organs can work better, muscles can contract more effectively, ligaments are less likely to be sprained, and even blood vessels, through the autonomic nervous system, can direct blood flow. All organ systems have nervous system controls to them. The nervous system controls the heart rate. Lung function, stomach function and acid secretion, intestinal functions, liver and kidney function, and sexual functions are all controlled by the nervous system. The nervous system even controls the functions within the brain itself. The brain can affect the blood flows, hormone secretions, and ionic concentrations within . These connections are all improved through restoring nervous system function.

About Us: The Doubters

I have heard people say, “I don’t believe in chiropractic”. To say this is to say I don’t believe in science, or biology, or anatomy and physiology. All of the principles we use in chiropractic derive from information readily available to any anatomy student. Much of the research which validates the chiropractic profession comes directly from medical literature. You can researched all of the information from this article in the best journals, text books, or references from the medical literature. The facts will be there but the thought processes will be different.

I am not trying to “prove” anything to you. I say, you do the research, ask questions about the anatomy, discover how the nervous system works, then make your own decisions. What I do ask is that you use many sources of credible information about chiropractic, medicine, research, anatomy and physiology principles, and any other science discipline. Opinions vary from provider to provider. “Science seeks to discover the laws that God has already set in place,” said Albert Einstein. Chiropractic can stand up to research and objective discoveries from science. It’s a matter of finding, discovering, asking the right questions, and time before the truths of chiropractic are brought to light at all levels. Even in the past 25 years, I have seen a dramatic shift in the acceptance of chiropractic throughout the medical profession and the science community in general.

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Dr. Roy was a deputy sheriff and state agent in his previous career.

Dr. Roy had a previous career.

"I have painted several paintings, ala Jackson Pollack, and I play bass guitar in my church band.

Artist and musician

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