Conditions We Treat

The conditions we treat at Arbor Vitae Chiropractic, respond because the spinal gets fixed, the body can do the work of restoring health. We treat painful subluxations that cause a breakdown of nervous system signals. Many illnesses will spontaneously heal if given a properly working nervous system and spinal cord.

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When combined with soft tissue work, like trigger points and fascial adhesions release, adjustments help the body resolve problems that can hurt people for years. We also teach you exercises for stretching and strengthening the body at home so you get the most out of your treatment program

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Infants and Children conditions and treatment

For an article on pediatric chiropractic from the journal ACA Today follow this link. ACA Today

Younger children have very soft bones that need to be adjusted with a completely different set of techniques. These conditions respond to very light and specific adjustments: neck and back pain, painful knees, growing pains, and scoliosis. Other more nervous system type conditions include: colic, bed wetting, excessive spitting up, and ear infections. Also night cramps, night terrors, asthma, torticollis, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bowel problems, asymmetry, low muscle tone. Sports performance and sports injuries are two categories that we treat and respond well to chiropractic care.

Adult conditions and treatment

Every adult has a different set of underlying injuries that may have been present for months to many years. Each condition has scar tissue, inflammation, fascial restrictions. Trigger points, and muscular adhesions also play a role in how a joint functions. These conditions can be addressed in the treatment plan. Then you are deciding what level of health you want to achieve.

Adult conditions we treat include neck and back pain primarily. Along with shoulder problems, arm pain, hand pain, leg pains, knee and foot problems. Other conditions include muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, abdominal pain, reproductive problems, menstrual problems. Injuries from trauma include: strains and sprains, car accident injuries, work injuries, sports injuries, incoordination, joint restrictions, arthritis, etc.

Conditions we treat require a full examination of the problem area to identify the cause and a path to health.
We do sports physicals for school aged athletes. Follows the Iowa High School Athletic Association guidelines.

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