What Causes Arm Numbness or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)

There are a variety of reasons for arm numbness including thoracic outlet syndrome or TOS. This is a condition, in which a muscle on the side of the neck, the first rib, and/or the collar bone get in the way of blood flow or nerve impulses to the arms. If these structures are compromised, it becomes easier for the arms so go to sleep in certain positions.

Man in green tank top arm numbness (TOS) & muscles

During workouts you might notice muscle weakness one arm. While working overhead, one or both arms might become numb, heavy, tingly, or just lose feeling. If the arm numbness TOS condition becomes persistent enough, your medical doctor may need to check for the source of the impingement. If caught early, chiropractic is a very effective treatment.

When presenting with a TOS condition, there are several areas that should be checked for proper movement and positioning. Obviously, the first rib and the collar bone should both be checked and adjusted. There are also indications for muscle work that can be done with the scalene muscle group. Many times, a muscle in spasm is weaker than the muscles around it. By strengthening spastic muscles, slowly, the spasm will reduce and the arm numbness or TOS will resolve. Working on these areas can make a huge difference on the amount of time the arms are asleep but also on arm strength and general coordination for everyday activities.

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