Ear Infections

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Ear infections are a common disorder in early childhood but can occasionally effect adults. The infection associated with the ear can either be middle auditory canal or the external auditory meatus. It is usually the result of a bacterial infection from the eustachian tubes or via cotton swabs during cleaning. One reason for childhood infections is the horizontal orientation of the eustachian tubes. Fluid won’t drain properly, and bacterial can invade and proliferate, leading to a swollen, painful ear drum. Chiropractic can help children with ear infections through adjusting the upper neck and base of the skull. When atlas and occiput are misaligned, the eustachian tubes are further obstructed causing additional blockage. Through properly aligning the upper neck, the ear infections can resolve quickly with no need for additional intervention.

When it comes to adults, we will see external ear infections where the canal has become inflamed on the outside of the ear drum. This can be just as painful and can be the result of overzealous hygiene of the canal. A number of natural options are available to resolve this type of infection. I have had these ear in the past and just leaving it alone for a couple days usually leads to resolution. Wax has a number of antibacterial properties that help prevent ear infections in the adults. Cotton swabs should not go deep into the ear during cleaning.

Adjustments are safe and effective for dealing with upper neck issues when administered by an experienced chiropractic physician. Come in for a consultation about your condition and see the ways we can help, naturally.

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