Cash, Check, Debit or Credit

Payment options including cash, debit, and credit cards are always acceptable and we work with most card types. When it comes to HSA or HRA cards, we are set up as a healthcare provider with our tax ID so these cards work as well. I will accept checks from patients after their 2nd visit. I just want to get to know you a little bit before taking a little more risk. Please, lets not do post dated checks – this just makes it hard on everyone. If a check is returned by the bank for insufficient funds, I’m afraid I have to ad a $30 processing charge to cover the cost of making it right.

Call in payment processing available

Call our office during regular business hours to make a payment by credit card. We can key it in and process the payment right into your account and send you a receipt via e-mail.

Online payments now available

Click here to go to the scheduling page, create an account with a new password, and in that account there will be information on your financials where you can make a payment.


Your insurance plan is a contract between you and your insurance company. As a courtesy to you, we will submit claims to your insurance company who then may send payment to us that we apply to your bill. Anything that the insurance company does not pay for is your responsibility as the recipient of services. We work out payment plans that make this remaining balance affordable for you, but you are ultimately responsible for your bill, including co-payments, deductibles, and insurance denials. I try to calculate for copayments and deductibles on the front end so you can make payments as you go and don’t get a big bill at the end. If insurance payment is denied or only part of the payment is made by the insurance company you are responsible for the remaining portion of the bill.

Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance companies only pay for a limited number of adjustments per year.  Some payers, including Medicare require services that they do not pay for, in particular, the exam and x-rays.  Some insurance companies pay for therapies and modalities but others do not.  I will only use modalities that your insurance company will pay for or I will try to let you know what your liability is before we use a particular service.

A word about Medicaid in Iowa

A brief word about the Iowa Medicaid MCO system. Fewer and fewer doctors are going to accept the MCO system and/or Medicaid payments. Unfortunately, the medicaid system is failing in Iowa because of the low payment schedule. Currently they are reimbursing nearly half of the usual and customary price of an adjustment. I will continue to accept Amerigroup and Iowa Total Care until they too drop the Iowa out of their system. My recommendation is that you contact Iowa Medicaid Enterprise and switch back to one of these two accepted MCOs.

Insurance companies we do business with include:

For patients with no insurance, high co-pays, or high deductibles, we have some great maintenance plans that bring the price down and make it very affordable to get adjusted. Kids plans are available that make it affordable to bring children with you when you get your adjustment.

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