Inversion Therapy can Change Your Life.

I’ve had a lot of people ask about Inversion Therapy and what it does. What it is and What it does If you’ve been in my office in the past several months, you will have noticed the inversion table sitting prominently inside the door. Basically, on this table, you set your height, hook your feet … Continue reading

Little office device can save a lot

This little office device the story. One of the first big cases that I had involved a gentleman with a totally messed up shoulder.  I adjusted, worked the muscles, stretched the joint but nothing seemed to work. I started talking with him about his office set-up and his work, because something else had to be … Continue reading

The second shot

The Super Bowl game was a no contest (really disappointing) so I thought I’d tell you about my second shot.  I got the second vaccination on Thursday morning last week at about 11:10am.  I can’t say that I had much of a reaction for the first 24 hours and I was thinking, not so bad. … Continue reading

Play Hard the Whole Game

The Super Bowl is Sunday The Super Bowl is Sunday and we are looking forward to a great game.  How many times though have we seen a team do really well in the first half and run up a really nice score, only to mentally go home at half time. We are seeing some light … Continue reading

Bust a move! Exercise for health.

One of the worst things we can do to our body is become sedentary. Sitting in front of a computer for 8, 9, or 10 hours per day just isn’t good for the joints, the muscles, and even the bones. So we bust a move! and exercise for health. The body needs stress, physically.  You strengthen … Continue reading