Solutions for Knee Pain

There are a lot of surgical solutions that help with knee pain. There are also tons of home remedies that may or may not work.  Here are a few things that I have found beneficial for folks over the years of practice. First off, have your knees checked by a licensed chiropractor.  The knee can … Continue reading

The ONLY thing you can take with you

Here’s what you can take with you. When our time here on earth comes to a close, what you can take with you is very limited. All of the things you have accumulated gets left behind for others to scavenge.  Those things you have treasured will mean very little to other people, but you, the … Continue reading

Digital Neck

Text Neck In these days where everyone has a phone that they spend countless hours on, we need to start being concerned about the reversal of the neck curve. I see text neck syndrome a lot and the numbers of people with neck pain are increasing. Cause of Text Neck So, countless hours on a … Continue reading

Being Good Humans in this Life

Being Human Being good humans takes a lot of work and practice. The concept is a play on the words human beings and the twist of that one in humans being. In these days when the world has been wonky for so long, with the world wide pandemic, tribalism, white supremacy and hate speech all … Continue reading

Relief for sciatic nerve pain

Getting relief from Sciatic Nerve Pain becomes super important when you have this type of pain. The pain is generally one of the worst conditions of the lower back and the pain is very intense. The pain is described as a burning hot poker going down the back of the leg. I have seen the … Continue reading