Herniated or bulging discs

Defining Herniated or Bulging discs A herniated disc and a bulging disc are the same on some levels and completely different on other levels. A bulging disc is an inflamed disc and has a broader based outward expansion from its normal state. As the swollen fibers push outward, contact with nerves, the spinal cord, or … Continue reading

Neck Conditions for Seniors

The main neck conditions that I see for older folks relate to arthritis and loss of range of motion. The most common sign is the inability to turn the neck far enough to back the car out of parking places. This becomes dangerous and problematic when in a highly traveled area like a grocery store … Continue reading

Childhood Neck Conditions

I see a variety of childhood neck conditions and some of the main ones include torticollis, sports injuries, and ear aches. Kids are rough and tumble so there are lots of chances for minor injuries. Most childhood spinal injuries go undetected until later in life. Kids Spines Let’s talk about kid’s that are older than … Continue reading

Painful baby necks illicit tears

Infants Necks The birth process is pretty traumatic for baby necks. The first body part to present is the baby’s head. The doctor will use the head to start the rest of the body through the birth canal. We see infants that are crying unceasingly, have colic, and will only turn their head in one … Continue reading