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Friday appointment

I had back pain for a whole week, couldn’t work, move as usual. Made a call to Dr Roy office at 8:00am Friday and guess what? He gives me an appointment at 5:15 on a Friday!!!! Where else can you be seen at that time and on Friday… So he was very courteous, took his time, and now Sunday, 2 days later I was able to clean, do laundry, made my bed and cleaned my daughter’s hair.  I cannot wait to go in tomorrow for a second session and be on my feet as usual without pain and stressed from the pain…. Great work! I am taking my mother to him who has suffered with back pain for years…



patient with Dr. Roy for quite awhile

I have been a patient with Dr. Roy for quite awhile now. I found him when I searched for a chiropractor for my migraine headaches. Other avenues were not helping and I was desperate. It took awhile, but I finally was relieved from those horrific headaches. I was so impressed with my care that I shared the experience with my family. Now my husband, son, daughter, mother, and (unexpectedly) my father are patients of Dr. Roy. Who would have thought my dad would seek treatment??? I am very pleased with Dr. Roy and I think you should seek his help with your ailments. My family has found relief from migraines, scoliosis, back ache, and some joint issues. Dr. Roy is very upfront as to how he thinks he can help you!


recommend Dr. Roy to friends and family

I would recommend Dr. Roy to friends and family without hesitation, knowing he has a passion to improving the health and well-being of this community. Love that Dr. Roy has a walk-in clinic. He will listen to your concerns and create a game plan for optimal health . As a bonus, he has a great easy-going personality.


Dr Roy has changed my life!!

Dr Roy has changed my life!! I had sciatica nerve pain for quite a while and I was no longer getting to do the things I love. After couple visits, my pain is improved and I am getting back to exercising and feeling like myself. Dr. Roy is so easy to work with to find appointments that fit my schedule and re-scheduling when they suddenly don’t. I am so grateful for Dr. Roy for getting me back on my feet.


underestimated the overall value of chiropractic care

Engaging in a chiropractic treatment program helps me sleep better at night – both physically and mentally – knowing we’re working together to prevent all kinds of future problems. The icing on the cake is that I’ve discovered it takes mere minutes per month for my treatments, all for the price of my monthly haircut. I greatly underestimated the preventative power and overall value of chiropractic treatments. I hope this message prevents you from making the same mistake.

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