Solutions for Knee Pain

There are a lot of surgical solutions that help with knee pain. There are also tons of home remedies that may or may not work.  Here are a few things that I have found beneficial for folks over the years of practice.

Knee pain knees
man massaging knee with apparent pain

First off, have your knees checked by a licensed chiropractor.  The knee can rotate or go posterior, out of its normal juxtaposition, which can be painful. This can cause undue wear and tear. It also makes the knee more susceptible to further injury as you participate in strenuous activities.  There are a variety of adjustments that can be done. Each doctor of chiropractic will have developed their own protocol that works for them.  I have three different types of adjustments that I can perform, depending on the type of injury.  There are orthopedic tests that we can do to determine the cause of the pain and this drives recommendations for treatment


Some joint remedies can be helpful also.  I usually recommend a joint formula that contains Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Chondroitin Sulfate, and MSM.  Collagen supplements (i.e. shark cartilage) have been on my radar as a supplement that works also.  My suggestion is that, if you are going to try a supplement, add one, take it for several months before adding anything else.  Most of these supplements can take up to 3 months before you start seeing a difference.  Rate your pain before starting on a supplement and then at the 3 or 6 month point.  A lot can change in that time so there may be other factors for your knee pain improvement.

Sometimes, the goal of the adjustments and/or supplements are simply to be more comfortable until your condition is bad enough to be a surgical candidate. Adjustments can slow the progress of arthritic degeneration and really delay the inevitable surgery for a good amount of time.  I hope this gives you some alternatives for knee pain, besides jumping right into surgery.

Peace to your day.  Be safe, wear your mask, and wash your hands. Be a light in these dark times.

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Neck Conditions for Seniors

The main neck conditions that I see for older folks relate to arthritis and loss of range of motion. The most common sign is the inability to turn the neck far enough to back the car out of parking places. This becomes dangerous and problematic when in a highly traveled area like a grocery store parking lot. If you are noticing that it is harder to get backed out and is difficult to see because you can’t turn your neck, it’s time for an assessment.

Arthritis Causes

When looking at the cause of the arthritic neck, we look at past history. Some people spent their youth “cracking” their necks and now, the scar tissue has caught up with them. Other causes include past trauma, which can be from car accidents, sports injuries, or work related overuse injuries. Previous history of surgical intervention in the neck can cause additional scar tissue. If you have had a previous surgery involving a fusion, often times this will preclude you from getting a neck adjustment at all. When you come in, if you have had a fusion, please bring x-rays of the post surgery neck so I can see what I’m dealing with. With some fusion cases, it is possible to adjust with the light force instrument adjusting technique and get some relief.

Neck Adjusting

Often times the arthritic neck conditions can be adjusted in the same way as the non-degenerated neck. The forces necessary are very different in these circumstances. I have found, especially with arthritis, it is better to use less force and better technique. There is also potential for using lower force instrument adjusting to relieve the fixations and restore the motion desired. Most often, I combine very specific adjusting by hand with instrument adjusting to get a maximal outcome with each visit. Additionally, I usually will suggest a stretching regime to decrease the fascial restrictions between muscles, increase pliability of scar tissue, and increase muscle length.

Many arthritis types can be dealt with and respond nicely to chiropractic care.

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