The ONLY thing you can take with you

Here’s what you can take with you.

When our time here on earth comes to a close, what you can take with you is very limited. All of the things you have accumulated gets left behind for others to scavenge.  Those things you have treasured will mean very little to other people, but you, the person, the spirit, the soul is what will be missed.

There is something that you do get to take with you, however.  The relationships that you make here on earth will follow you into the after life.  This is one of the reasons that I have been focusing on building healthy relationships in what I write in the newsletter.  Whether it’s the family you eat with every day or the co-workers that you do business life with, it is vitally important that we cultivate good relationships, keep our tempers in check, and have grace for those who don’t agree with our opinions.  As I’ve said before, this is something I work on every day.  I really love seeing patients and cherish the long term friendships that develop in the clinic.  I only hope that I enrich your lives as much as you enrich mine.  Thanks for your support and friendship. 
Peace to your day, see you in the office.

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