Being Good Humans in this Life

Being Good Humans in this Life

Being Human

Being good humans takes a lot of work and practice. The concept is a play on the words human beings and the twist of that one in humans being.

In these days when the world has been wonky for so long, with the world wide pandemic, tribalism, white supremacy and hate speech all over social media, we need a little humans being good. Taking an active role as a mediator, a de-escalator of conflict or an arbitrator is all of our responsibility. We should strive for excellence in our relationships by caring for and honoring the people around us. Taking a little bit of time to understand and empathize with people with different backgrounds will go a long ways in healing the divide. If you’ve never been the victim of abuse or bullying, finding compassion for those who have been abused is outside of your experience. If you’ve ever encountered hard times in any form, your mind should be capable of walking in the shoes of another who is in the hard times.

Love one another. That’s the great commission. Respect the feelings of those around you. Soothe situations and don’t inflame the hatred. Compromise, now there’s a word we have lost touch with. It’s not a zero sum game, lift up other people and you will find yourself lifted up too. If it’s lonely at the top it’s because you stepped on other people getting there. A great climb requires teamwork and a willingness to share the load equally. Climb to the top, yes, but reach back and pull the rest up with you. Then give them a big hug and enjoy the view.

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