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Digital Neck

Text Neck

In these days where everyone has a phone that they spend countless hours on, we need to start being concerned about the reversal of the neck curve. I see text neck syndrome a lot and the numbers of people with neck pain are increasing.

Cause of Text Neck

So, countless hours on a phone or device. The problem is not the device, it’s how you hold it. If you’re going to be on your phone for a long period, get the phone up at eye level. By simply sitting at your desk or table and putting your elbows on the table, you bring the phone up. When working on a computer, use a stand and separate keyboard to get the screen up even with your eyes. If you wear bifocals like I do, you can have the screen down a little. Don’t ever prop a pillow up and lean your head back so your neck is at 90 degrees while on your phone. This is a sure way to reverse that curve.


First, get adjusted. One other way to help yourself at home is to lay on the bed and hang your head over the edge. Let gravity do the work for you and just relax. Of course don’t do this if you have a heart condition or are susceptible to a stroke. The first time you do it, have someone who will check on you and help you if you can’t get up. Use common sense and know your health conditions before you try this. It can help to elongate the neck, stretch the muscles, open up the discs, and ease the tension on the joint capsules. It’s something I do when my neck starts to feel bound up.

Prop a neck roll behind your neck while laying down and bring the phone into your field of vision. There should be really good support for your neck and almost feel like you have it tipped backwards.

This problem will only get worse as the computer age advances. One thing I can see in the future is the heads up display (HUD) glasses there your screen is built right into the glasses. This might wreck your eyes, but your neck should be great. We’ll see what technology does for us in the future.

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Being Good Humans in this Life

Being Human

Being good humans takes a lot of work and practice. The concept is a play on the words human beings and the twist of that one in humans being.

In these days when the world has been wonky for so long, with the world wide pandemic, tribalism, white supremacy and hate speech all over social media, we need a little humans being good. Taking an active role as a mediator, a de-escalator of conflict or an arbitrator is all of our responsibility. We should strive for excellence in our relationships by caring for and honoring the people around us. Taking a little bit of time to understand and empathize with people with different backgrounds will go a long ways in healing the divide. If you’ve never been the victim of abuse or bullying, finding compassion for those who have been abused is outside of your experience. If you’ve ever encountered hard times in any form, your mind should be capable of walking in the shoes of another who is in the hard times.

Love one another. That’s the great commission. Respect the feelings of those around you. Soothe situations and don’t inflame the hatred. Compromise, now there’s a word we have lost touch with. It’s not a zero sum game, lift up other people and you will find yourself lifted up too. If it’s lonely at the top it’s because you stepped on other people getting there. A great climb requires teamwork and a willingness to share the load equally. Climb to the top, yes, but reach back and pull the rest up with you. Then give them a big hug and enjoy the view.

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