Play Hard the Whole Game

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Play Hard the Whole Game

The Super Bowl is Sunday

The Super Bowl is Sunday and we are looking forward to a great game.  How many times though have we seen a team do really well in the first half and run up a really nice score, only to mentally go home at half time.

We are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel with this Covid Pandemic.  We’ve played a tough first half and now we’re in the 3rd quarter.  If we let down, the Covid team is going to rally and their quarterback, #19 could take the ball down the field. Ok, it’s a weird analogy, but I had to tie in the Super Bowl.

I’ve heard about quite a few people who have been doing everything right, masking, washing, distancing, and the one time that they let their guard down, they get an exposure.  Then there’s all of the defensive game that has to happen, just to turn the tide.  It’s better to stay strong, play the whole game like your life depends on it, because it may.  Stay safe, stay strong, play hard and win this game. For yourself and your family.

 Stay safe and get the vaccine when it’s your time.

Dr. Roy

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